The 9th ECFN and Meeting postponed

Dear colleagues,

We are writing in reference with the 9th ECFN and Meeting, previously planned to be organised in Viminacium from 21st –  25th April 2020, and due to the COVID–19 circumstances postponed for 13th – 17th April 2021.

Regarding the spread of the corona virus in Europe, and monitoring the development of the current events in that sense, we are of the opinion that travel and gatherings will be severely affected in terms of safety and convenience before the summer of 2021. Also, we hope that the announced mass vaccination will give results by then.

For the reasons above mentioned, we regret being forced to postpone the 9th ECFN and Meeting until 21st – 25th September 2021, keeping the same programme as it had already been scheduled. As we have already finished preparing the Book of Abstracts for printing, it is our polite request that you should stay with the same papers.

Attached please find the draft of the proposed programme with the submitted abstracts. If you agree with the proposed changes to the date of the Meeting, please confirm your participation as soon as possible and no later than April 2021.

We deeply regret having to take this course of action, but feel that it is in everybody’s best interest concerning the safety and greater participation in the event.

The Instructions regarding the payments that have already been made:

  1. For all the participants who have made payments, we can keep their payments for the 2021 Meeting.
  2. Those who want their payments to be refunded, please send as soon as possible the official bank payment instructions.


Dear colleagues,
As we have already informed you, the 9th ECFN and Meeting will be held from 21st to 25th September 2021 at Viminacium based on the same Programme which you can find re-enclosed now.
We extend our gratitude to most of the participants who have already confirmed their arrival; in case you have not done it yet, you are kindly asked to submit your registration by the end of July 2021.
The COVID – 19 pandemic in Europe has been stabilising with more and more people getting vaccinated. With one third of the people in Serbia who have been immunised so far, it is estimated that almost 70% of the Serbian population will have received their jab shots before the summer end. All these factors will help to make Serbia a safe place for the participants’ stay in line with the current epidemic precautions taken against COVID-19.
You can expect further information on the travel-to-Serbia requirements one month before the Meeting. Currently, all passengers to Serbia are required a negative PCR test, and it has been underway the recognition of vaccine ceritificates.

We look forward to welcoming all of you in September.


Director of the Institute of Archeology

Miomir Korać


Kind regards,

Steering Committee Members:

Vujadin Ivanišević

Mirjana Vojvoda

Rahel Ackermann

Andrew Meadows

David Wigg-Wolf