Danube Limes Brand


Danube Limes Brand is the project co-funded by the European Union and one of the best examples of multinational cooperation of experts from countries along The Danube. Nine partners from seven countries gathered to prepare the base for the nomination – an extension of the project “Frontiers of the Roman Empire”.

The DANUBE LIMES BRAND Project fosters the sustainable utilisation of the cultural Danube Limes heritage (archaeological sites, monuments and landscape) under the UNESCO World Heritage designation. The DANUBE LIMES BRAND project concentrates on:

1. Preparation of additional Danube Limes UNESCO heritage nominations in the Lower Danube area (Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria);
2. Development of general branding for the future joint exploitation of the economic and tourism potential of the Danube Limes heritage with the input of best practice models from all participating countries;
3. Investigation of the regional potential for the exploitation of the Limes heritage on a national/regional level and the preparation of national/regional presentation concept studies in all partner countries;
4. Implementation of some measures of the presentation concept as pilot actions on a local/regional/national level to function as role models for the exploitation of a common perspective Danube Limes World Heritage Site.

It is important to make basic preparations for the nomination of all sites (documentation, conservation, presentation and visualisation). Media attention and tourist promotion are also important to achieve.
An important focus is also the exchange of knowledge and experience through the tight coordination of experts from all partners.

Within the project, each partner has a different role and different goals, since every country follows its own legislation related to the process and is in a different phase of nomination. Among the goals of Serbia are the preparation of the tentative list, the preparation of an example of the nomination file (Viminacium is the site that has been chosen), to improve the presentation of the sites where it is possible and to prepare a web site and a booklet for our section of the limes.