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Project T-PAS

T-PAS “Tourist Promotion of the Archaeological Sites along the route from Aquileia to Viminacium”, projekat evropske zajednice – Culture Programme 2007-2013;

T-PAS project, Tourist Promotion of the Archaeologi-cal Sites along the route Aquileia-Viminacium, is co-fi-nanced by the European Union through Culture Pro-gramme (2007-2013). It is coordinated by Fondazione Aquileia, which collaborates with two co-beneficiaries, the City Museum of Ljubljana and the Serbian Archaeological Institute of Belgrade. The project is expected to last 24 months, starting on 1st July 2011 and concluding on 30th June 2013.


T-PAS project mainly aims at promoting, both culturally and as tourist destination, the ancient Roman route connecting Aquileia and Viminacium passing through Emona (modern Ljubljana).


T-PAS project is based on a complex workplan aimed at enhancing scientific knowledge and tourist attractive-ness of the ancient Roman route connecting Aquileia to Viminacium. The main activities foreseen by the interna-tional partnership are the following:

  • Preparation of a joint report on the state-of-the-art of the 3 archaeological sites of Aquileia, Emona and Viminacium
  • Elaboration of socio-economic analyses with concrete development proposals
  • Preparation of a research and organization of participatory actions connected to Agenda21 for Culture
  • Organization of a touring exhibition on daily life during the Roman age in the 3 cities involved in the project
  • Creation of didactic laboratories and games for primary schools
  • Elaboration of a joint research on the ancient Roman route
  • Organization of conferences for a wide audience with experts of different sectors (archaeology, education, tourist valorization…)
  • Participation to study visits of the 3 archaeological sites of Aquileia, Emona and Viminacium
  • Communication and promotion activities (media relations, website, participation to fairs, information material, joint publication on the Roman route).


Informative materials related to project: